So you want to know more?

About Me – Laurie Easterby

Having been 5’ 10” from the age of 13, I was destined never to blend in. I’ve always been compelled to find something a little bit different in everything I do, and this is what led me to set up Nicely Done.

I grew up (and up) in my parents’ costume business and my childhood was a whirl of theatre and events as I helped run the family business of event management and costume. I studied Multimedia in college and went on to work in various industries over the years, building up a broad range of valuable contacts along the way.

Having been a TV and radio producer in Publicis Dublin, CawleyNea/TBWA and Chemistry, an Event Manager in Verve Marketing and on freelance gigs, I’ve loved each role. But I wanted to combine all of this experience and knowledge in a unique all-in-one service.

Why not bring concept, production, management and execution together in one glorious polygamous marriage!


Each Nicely Done project is unique. There is one simple reason for this. You are unique. And because I can provide a full production and service event unit, I’ll come up with a solution that’s both creative and appropriate.

If you are in need of an experienced producer for your TV or radio commercials, someone to step in and handle a production unit or creating online content for your brand, I would love to hear from you.

In addition, if you are looking for an equally experienced event manager, I can look after all aspects of the event including budget, location, layout, design, rentals, lighting, sound, entertainment, catering, management and all other necessary tasks. And because of my experience in media, if you need your event photographed or filmed I can organise that too.

Think of it as a menu. You can choose as many or as few services as you like.